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Meet the breed: Norwegian Lundehund


Choosing to add a furry friend to your growing household is a long-term commitment, and picking a breed that fits your lifestyle presents the key to a happy home. With over 160 American Kennel Club-recognized breeds, that decision can seem overwhelming. We’re here to help you meet the breed that’s right for you. If you’re looking for a lively and kind family dog, learn all you need to know about the Norwegian Lundehund.


  • Protective
  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Agile
  • Double-jointed


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Lovingly referred to as the Lundie, the Norwegian Lundehund was originally bred in Norway to hunt live puffins. No longer needed after the puffin became a protected species in the 1800s, the Lundehund’s numbers dwindled. Saved from extinction in World War II, the Lundie is still a fairly unpopular breed. Kind but hard to house-train, the breed is an excellent addition to active families.

Breed standards

  • AKC group: Non-sporting
  • UKC group: Working
  • Average lifespan: 11 – 13 pounds
  • Average size: 12 – 30 pounds
  • Coat appearance: Short and rough
  • Coloration: Red, reddish-brown with black tips
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Other identifiers: Small, wedge-shaped head with deep brown eyes and double-jointed neck; ears are able to move back and forth, flip from side to side and close up; strong and flexible hind legs and shoulders; six toes on each paw and two dewclaws; tail curls onto back
  • Possible alterations: Older dogs may be darker in color

Is this breed right for you?

A loving and cuddly breed, the Norwegian Lundehund loves people of all ages and sizes and being very close to them. Kind, he is likely to love with all that he has. Requiring a yard to play and romp in, the breed is not ideal for apartment life. A natural-born hunter, the Lundie enjoys sniffing things out and is easy to groom. The breed does have an incredibly hard time becoming housebroken and will require a lot of patience and intelligent training. In addition, a Lundie needs a human who is able to provide leadership and discipline to avoid behavioral problems. In need of a lot of socializing, he is a watchdog and barker.

Breed characteristics

A dream day in the life of a Norwegian Lundehund

Given the opportunity, the Norwegian Lundehund would wake up next to his owner and stay in bed with her all day. But if this is not an option, the dog will instead poke around the house looking for affection and play. After a few fun games of fetch, he’ll head outside for a romp. Sniffing out any questionable smells, this natural-born hunter may chase a bird or two. As the day ends, the Norwegian Lundehund will love more cuddles and play before snoozing off to dreamland with his best friend at his side.

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