10 Really bold lip color trends for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is by far one of the best excuses to go all out with your makeup and no one can say a darn thing. So bust out the glitter, experiment with ombre or even rock a radical purple pout because, well, why not? These bold lip color tricks are guaranteed to snag you a kiss at the stroke of midnight.


3-D glitter lips

3D Glitter Lips

Photo credit: Vintageortacky

Take a cue from uber popular YouTube vlogger Cora Alvillar (AKA Vintageortacky) and paint your pout in 3-D with some sassy silver glitter. In her video, she recommends using a thick lip balm, lipstick or super sticky gloss to begin with. Then, with your finger, gently press the glitter onto your lips until they’re completely covered. Remove any excess sparkle with a powder brush or a piece of tape. Cora also advises against pressing your lips together and reminds everyone to drink from a straw. Check out her full tutorial here.


Ombre lips

Ombre lips

Photo credit: MakeupGeek

Go ombre or go home! Kidding, kidding… but seriously, what better way to ring in the new year than with a loud and proud multicolored pout? According to beauty blogger Marlena Stell of MakeupGeek, you should grab two lip liners in similar shades (like the bright pink and orange shown here). Apply one to the outside of your lips, leaving the center blank. Then apply the other to the center of your lips. With a small brush, go over your mouth with lipsticks that match the lip liners. Add a clear gloss over top to blend and you’re all set.


A purple pout

A Purple Pout

Photo credit: Start2FinishMUA

Love Rihanna? Then you’ll fall head over heels for this fiercely purple pout created by YouTube beauty guru Missy Lynn (Start2FinishMUA) and inspired by MAC’s “RiRi Hearts” collection promotional photo. It’s a deep shade of purple that’s bold in a dark, mysterious yet seriously sexy way if we don’t say so ourselves. Missy Lynn suggests using MAC’s Nightmoth to line your lips and fill them in, leaving the center blank. Fill in the center with MAC’s Cyber Lipstick. To set the lipstick, apply pinkish/purple eyeshadow to the top and bottom center of your pout with an eyeshadow brush.


1920s cupid’s bow lips

1920s Cupid’s Bow Lips

Photo credit: makeupgeek

Travel back in time to the 1920s with this vampy pin up pout in a cupid’s bow shape. Use a dark purple liner to draw on the shape first. Then color it in with dark purple lipstick, being sure to leave the outer corners of your lips blank.


Lip Rock metallic lip foils

Lip Rock Metallic Lip Foils

Photo credit: Claires.com

Rock out on New Year’s Eve with a metallic lip foil that’s easy-peasy to apply. Start with clean lips and spread an even, generous layer of the included adhesive onto them. Wait two minutes until the adhesive has turned a clear color. Finally, apply the Lip Rock sheet shiny side down and press and rub firmly (Claires.com, $4).

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