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Bedroom design trends for 2014

Finally, we can find and stick with a bedroom decor scheme that’s trendy. This is the year of the neutral palette, so this year’s trends allow you to add your own style while creating a comfortable space for you to relax in.



Neutral bedroom with pop of color

Photo credit: Lauren Conrad

2013 and previous years were filled with fun color combinations and vibrant patterns. In 2014, we expect things to calm down a bit as the bedroom trends lean toward neutral schemes. Increasingly popular options include all-white walls, bedding and more with slight color accents using blankets, vases or benches. Tans, creams and grays will also make appearances in 2014, keeping the entire bedroom calm and easy to switch out with smaller and less permanent bright accents.

As homeowners lean toward a neutral color scheme in their bedrooms, 2014 will also be the year of mixing textures to add pizzazz to the rooms. Metals, various textured and stained woods, glass, upholstery and marble will all be found in 2014’s bedroom decor.

The most common accent colors will come from pretty pastels. Softer pinks and blues are among the more popular hues that will be available in home-decor stores. The Pantone Color of the Year — Radiant Orchid — is one of the louder accents that will show up more in the New Year and will coordinate well with any neutral palette.


Accent walls

Bedroom with wood pallet wall

Photo credit: Mr. Barr

With neutral color palettes in the bedroom, 2014 will be the year when wallpaper makes a comeback. Many home designers expect to see this trend finding its way into homes. Using wallpaper is an easy and nonpermanent way to add color, and it allows your bedroom to show a bit of style with various colors and patterns.

Other than wallpaper, we should expect to see wooden paneled walls. Both will look amazingly good with either wooden furniture or upholstered headboards in neutral tones. A simple way to add texture to the bedroom, adding accent walls will give a personal twist to the trendy neutral tones.


Hotel suite

Neutral hotel-like bedroom

Photo credit: Isabel Pereira via Flickr

As with the 2014 bathroom trend, designers anticipate the bedroom becoming a luxurious space in the home. Accented to resemble a hotel suite, a bedroom can be a space where homeowners can relax. Expect to see softer lighting, pronounced angles and classic and modern furniture, with a larger, comfortable accent to top it off.

Another key piece in the hotel-suite trend is the addition of greenery to bedrooms. Adding fresh flowers is a new trend that adds color and happiness in ways that can easily be changed and updated. If you’re looking for something more lasting, choose a succulent that can live for many years with proper care.

Other small-bedroom trends

  • Black: Another neutral palette, black is very basic and extremely simple in the bedroom.
  • Simplicity: Also as with the bathroom trend, 2014 bedrooms are leaning toward an uncluttered space with minimalist accents.
  • Focus on the windows: Say no to artificial lighting by allowing a bedroom window to become a main focal point in the bedroom.

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