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Bathroom design trends for 2014

Update your bathroom to fit the luxurious and relaxing trends of 2014. With spa-like spaces and Japanese minimalism, this year’s bathrooms are sure to make you feel like new again.

Rest and relaxation in the bathroom

luxurious bathroom

Start creating your luxurious bathroom by framing photos of serene beach scenes or zen bamboo. Add smaller elements with sea-colored candles, fluffy white spa towels and a white lily. And don’t forget a small bench for extra relaxing while putting on lotion or just enjoying your space.
Photo credit: Beautiful Homes & Designs

The 2014 bathroom trend is to create a space filled with luxury and the idea of escape. Turning away from the bright shades of the past, 2014’s bathrooms are muted with neutral and calming color schemes. Plain white, creams and grays, help create the coastal vibe that many spas strive to create.

Bathroom fixtures are also receiving a makeover in 2014’s bathroom trends. Floating sinks, luxurious stand-alone tubs and frameless waterfall showers all are all key features for a relaxing vibe. Replacing ceramic tiles with glass is on the rise, as is the splurge for heated floors and hands-free faucets. Changing out artificial bulbs for fancier light fixtures that fit the space and wider, larger windows are also elements homeowners should expect to see in the new year.

Japanese minimalism

Japanese Minamilist bathroom

Photo credit: Ghoofie

Along with the eco-friendly trends of the past, we expect to see Japanese minimalism grow. A design that mixes modern and traditional ideas, Japanese minimalism strives to connect the interior of the home with nature. Larger windows and wooden or stone countertops and flooring are all essential features of the concept. In addition, soaking tubs are set to be in the middle of the bathroom as a main focal point of the space. Like the spa trend, Japanese minimalism is all about creating a space of leisure and rebirth.

The other key feature to Japanese minimalism is creating an open concept, free of clutter and chaos. Homeowners want to maximize space by using larger mirror cabinets as hideaway storage areas and allowing only needed items on the counters. Having a space free of stuff will allow positive energy to flow through.

Other key trends

  • Softer finishes and ends: Gone are the hard, sharp corners of the past. Soften up the bathroom by rounding out the edges of countertops, knobs and faucets.
  • Get creative: Large, dramatic concepts are popping up in bathrooms all around the globe. Choose a fun design like a mosaic wall or accent mirror.
  • Monochrome: This is another trendy concept — black, white and grays can be incorporated into any personal style.

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