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104 Urban Dictionary Words You Need to Understand the Internet

47. Jailbait — an attractive female under the age of consent with whom an older man would like to have sex but risks jail time if he does so (thus creating the need for men of a certain age to card unknown conquests)

48. Karaoke filibuster — the act of preventing others from participating in karaoke by choosing an extraordinarily long song

49. Kicks — shoes

50. Knosh — as a verb, to eat; as a noun, the food being consumed

51. Legendary — a state of extreme awesomeness, popularized by Neil Patrick Harris’ character “Barney Stinson” on How I Met Your Mother (often, the syllables are drawn out as in the case of said character, as in “Legen… wait for it… dary!”)

52. Lit — previously meant drunk, more recently means awesome, excellent, turned up

53. LOL — laugh out loud (usually used to express amusement online or in text)

54. Ludwigvanquixote — someone who is fanatical, especially someone with delusions of grandeur or Chicken Little-type paranoia (you may also substitute another name or noun in place of Quixote to change the type of fanaticism)

55. Make it rain — 1) to throw large quantities of paper money in the air (often in the context of a strip club) to pay service providers, usually as a display of wealth; 2) (lesser used) when any debris is thrown or thrust in the air (as in an explosion), the resulting effect is that of raining; 3) Explicit: We’re not prudes, but this one was too much for us; please see Urban Dictionary for details.

56. Man boobs — refers to gynecomastia, a medical condition caused by obesity or a hormonal imbalance in which mean appear to have female-like breasts (see also: moobs)

57. Man cave — a room or other space set aside for a man where he can decorate and behave (with or without his friends) as he sees fit — these spaces often include locations for TV, gaming, drinking (including a bar or keg), a recliner and/or cozy couch and provocative imagery (perhaps including porn)

58. Meat sweats — to begin to perspire as the result of consuming large quantities of meat (the medical term for this very real phenomenon is protein-induced thermogenesis)

59. MILF — (initials for “mother I’d like to fuck”) a woman with children with whom one would like to have sexual intercourse with

60. Nasty woman — an intelligent female who is adept at putting ignorant men in their place

61. Netflix and chill — code for having sex with Netflix on in the background

62. Ninja sex — silent sexual intercourse in order to avoid awaking a sleeping roommate

63. Nom — eating (or nom, nom, nom or om, nom, nom… mimics the sound someone makes while enjoying something) [Note: can also be used humorously to refer to things you aren’t really eating]

64. Nontroversy — a scandal or controversy that doesn’t exist until it’s created, as by a politician

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65. NSFW — initials for “not safe for work” — intended to warn the recipient of an email or other unanticipated communication that may be inappropriate for the workplace (i.e., contains cursing, nudity, etc.; may be context-specific to the recipient’s workplace)

66. OM(F)G! — initials for “oh my (fucking) God!” (the addition of the expletive implies greater reaction; those who prefer a less-coarse or blasphemous version may drop the F and assume the G stands for “goldfish”); used to express shock (positive or negative), dismay or horror, often in text or social media, though some do speak the initials aloud (those who speak the initials aloud are most frequently teenage girls)

67. On a boat — 1) the act of watching “I’m on a Boat” by The Lonely Island featuring T-Pain; 2) on a roll; so good you can’t be touched

68. One-upper — an individual who responds to hearing someone else’s story by telling a similar story that’s more fantastic (generally these stories are considered to be false)

69. Party foul — an action that’s socially unacceptable at a social gathering, especially a party

70. Phat — 1) initials for “pretty hot and tempting” (usually relating to a woman with ample assets); 2) awesome; cool [Note: currently considered out of style and only used by “wannabes”]

71. Please advise — [Note: while this is a common phrase, the humor is in the redefinition] corporate-speak implying exasperation with a colleague’s lack of follow-through (it would most likely appear at the bottom of an email in which the sender is asking for something he or she should have received some time ago)

72. Pregret — knowing you shouldn’t do something or you’ll regret it, but doing it anyway

73. Pwned — to own (as in to defeat an opponent badly)

74. Quantum physics — the ultimate mind-screw (e.g., the reason one sock disappears when you do your laundry)

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