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104 Urban Dictionary Words You Need to Understand the Internet

21. Designated drunk — the individual who drinks all offers of free drinks sent to the designated driver

22. Driving the Bronco — in reference to A.C. Cowlings driving the Bronco in which O.J. Simpson was attempting to evade police, an accomplice or accessory to an illegal or unethical act

23. Duck face — a face made by pursing and pouting one’s lips in an attempt to make them appear fuller or to make the cheekbones appear more prominent (frequently utilized by young women in selfies or other photos in an attempt to look flirty or more model-esque)

24. Dude — similar to a pronoun and commonly used (especially by skaters, surfers and stoners) to address one another or as an adjective to express emphasis, amazement or awe

25. Dweet — to tweet while drunk (also drunk tweet)

26. Earjacking — 1) eavesdropping on a conversation you have no business hearing; 2) forcing your friends to listen to (bad) music they don’t want to hear

27. Earmuffs — an exclamation used to inform another they should cover their ears to avoid hearing what’s about to be said, as in profanity or a secret

28. Ego surfing — using a search engine to look for references about yourself

29. Extra — over-the-top, excessive behavior

30. Fanboi/fangirl — refers to a devotee of a particular product/company/person (i.e., Apple fanboi, Adam Levine fangirl)

31. Fauxpology — an insincere apology

32. Finesse — the ability to smooth-talk, persuade, or maneuver something to your advantage

33. Frak — a fictional swear popularized by the TV show Battlestar Gallatica and frequently used by people (usually nerds) who’d like to curse but keep it clean

34. Frankenfood — genetically modified or otherwise processed food that isn’t found in nature

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35. Freak flag — a particular characteristic, mannerism or method of dress/appearance, either subtle or overt, that acts as a “red flag” of a person’s unique, eccentric, creative, adventurous or unconventional behavior or thinking

36. Friend zone — the status of being stuck as a person’s friend after attempting to woo (or being too nice hoping to woo) him or her

37. Froyo — frozen yogurt (a trademark, but also often used colloquially to refer to any frozen yogurt)

38. Gaydar — similar to sonar in dolphins, the innate ability to detect homosexuality in other people

39. Girl crush — (a girl) having great admiration and adoration for another girl that is completely platonic (see SheKnows Girl Crush)

40. Grrrl — a young woman who is independent and strong or aggressive, especially in her attitude toward men, sexuality or the like

41. Hangry — a state of mind and behavior characterized by being angry as a result of hunger (hungry + angry)

42. Helicopter parent — a parent who meddles constantly in a child’s life, often into adulthood, to the point of attempting to control every aspect of the child’s life and the actions of those he or she interacts with

43. Hipster — an individual who attempts (often with too much effort) to avoid being a member of the mainstream; the term may be complimentary or pejorative (depending on context), but in general, hipsters tend to listen to indie or local musicians that no one else has heard of, dress alternatively (often wearing thrift store or vintage clothing as a rejection of consumerism) and have edgy or androgynous hairstyles [Note: in extreme cases, hipsters may regard those who don’t align with their values smugly]

44. Hot mess — a situation, behavior or appearance in a disastrous state; often refers to an individual who’s attractive but doesn’t have it together

45. Humblebrag — a boastful statement couched in false humility (may be used as a hashtag to draw attention to it before others do)

46. Hundo — 100 percent; also, “hundo p”

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