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Are “As Seen on TV” products worth the money?

Those “As Seen on TV” products are awfully tempting, but we want to know if they actually live up to their claims. To help you out, we’ve reviewed three “As Seen on TV” products to see if they’re worth your hard-earned cash. The following three most definitely are!


Better Life Shark Kit

Better Life Shark Kit

A dirty house calls for cleaning products that actually get the job done, and if we can do that without dangerous chemicals, it’s even better. But can all-natural products work as hard as mainstream brands you can find in the supermarket? We put the products in Better Life’s Shark Kit to the test after seeing them on the hit ABC show Shark Tank. We wanted to find out if this line of products, which was created by two lifelong friends, really lives up to its claims.

Verdict: Two thumbs way up!

The Shark Kit contains several types of cleaners that are all housed in colorful packaging. It includes a dish cleaner, a floor cleaner and our favorite all-purpose cleaner, which is called What-EVER! Not only did these products clean just as well as or better than leading store brands do, but they actually made us feel good about using them since they don’t contain any toxic ingredients. What-EVER! even removed a stubborn footprint from my tile floor — one that other cleaners I tried couldn’t budge. Everyone (and their homes!) can benefit from this innovative product line that has all kinds of fun cleaners in addition to the basic ones. And the most impressive part? Better Life’s products are made in the USA, are free of GMOs and are cruelty-free, fragrance-free, sulfate-free and petroleum-free (, $30).


Sticky Buddy Lint Roller 3-pack

Sticky Buddy Lint Roller 3-Pack

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to vacuum, and those sticky roller sheets always seem to be out of stickers whenever my clothes are covered in pet hair and lint. So let’s take a look at Sticky Buddy Lint Roller 3-pack, a reusable, multipurpose roller that is a pet owner’s dream. The roller is available on HSN and is designed to pick up debris from furniture, clothing, car interiors and more. You get three handy sizes — jumbo, medium and travel — that are perfect for any type of hairy mess, even when traveling.

Verdict: Worth your money

The Sticky Buddy is easy to use and does what it says. Rub it over whatever surface needs it, allowing the rubber fingers to reach down and grab hair and lint. Once the roller is full, just rinse it out with lukewarm water. Once it dries, it becomes sticky again and is ready for round two. This is an ideal product for someone who’s looking to get rid of pet hair or other small messes in a short amount of time (HSN, $23).


The Original Bacon Wave

The Original Bacon Wave

We all love bacon, but who has time to stand over the stove waiting for it to crisp up? Introducing The Original Bacon Wave, a microwavable and convenient way to cook your bacon to crispy perfection. This product is available on HSN and will work for busy people on the go or those who don’t have access to a stove in the morning.

Verdict: A solid product!

The Original Bacon Wave makes it a snap to crisp up to 14 pieces of bacon in the microwave. Bacon cooks evenly in the plastic tray, and the grease collects below — making it a healthier way to cook everyone’s favorite breakfast meat. Feed a crowd or just make a few slices for yourself with this easy-to-use kitchen must-have that is also BPA free (HSN, $25).

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