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Should these dogs trust their owners, or not?

Most of the time we like to imagine pet owners are wonderful, trustworthy people that watch their animals around the clock, but the truth is, you can’t be with your dog every second of every day and sometimes craziness happens. Here are 13 dogs in sticky situations that make us ask, “Where are their owners?” and “How on earth did they get into this situation in the first place?”


“Don’t mind me, I’m just chilling back here.”

Dog stuck in car seat

Photo credit: georgia_n_dakota via Instagram

“Next up? The cake!”

Dog making mess in ktichen

Photo credit: h3texan via Instagram

“What do you mean you can see me?”

Dog stuck in chair

Photo credit: senorbacon712 via Instagram

“Just give me a minute, all right? I’ve got it handled.”

Dog stuck in fence

Photo credit: curlylyn via Instagram

“Do I or do I not look like Santa Claus? Be honest.”

Dog destroying couch cushion

Photo credit: joannalockhart88 via Instagram

“Nap time?”

Dog destroying couch cushion

Photo credit: ashleyfelger via Instagram

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