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Shower designs so modern, they look sci-fi


Shower enclosure

Modern shower

Photo credit: MWE

Our first thought when we saw this hip shower was, “How long, exactly, does it take to clean that much glass?”


Tub and shower combo

Modern shower

Photo credit: Glass Idromassaggio

We can’t decide what our favorite part of this shower is. Is it the black tile? Is it the shower head? Is it the beautiful, beautiful white tub? You’re right. It’s the tub.


Earthy shower

Modern shower

Photo credit: Manutti

This shower belongs in Malibu and Malibu only so it can always stand in contrast to the bright blue ocean and bright blue turquoise pool. In fact, we’re renaming this the Malibu shower and we’re not taking second opinions.


Ceiling shower

Modern shower

Photo credit: Graff

OK, admit it. When you saw this picture you were impressed with the ceiling-mounted shower head and fantasized for a minute about throwing out your current shower and installing this one just to see how it works.


Stainless steel

Modern shower

Photo credit: Newform

We honestly believe this shower is more work of art than anything else and think it would feel right at home in a modern art museum next to, say, a Pollock or a Warhol.


Minimalist to the max

Modern shower

Photo credit: Treesse

A shower so simple we almost wonder if it’s actually a shower or simply a carefully placed slab of stainless steel on a wall.


Valve shower

Modern shower

Photo credit: Samuel Heath

We kind of hope this ultrasleek shower comes with an owner’s manual, because we’re a little bit overwhelmed just looking at it.


Round rain

Modern shower

Photo credit: Ponsi

Round, basic and suspended from the wall like it’s not a big deal. Yeah, rain shower, you’ve impressed us, stop showing off.

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