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Celeb-inspired party hair and makeup tutorial: Kate Bosworth


Kate Bosworth's loose curls and gold eyeshadow
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Perfectly dramatic

Use these tutorials to copy Kate Bosworth’s dramatic smoky eye and complement it with loose curls for a bold party hair and makeup look.


The hairstyle tutorial


  • 1-inch curling iron
  • Hair mousse
  • Light spray gel
  • Hair brush



Part hair down the middle. Work a hair mousse or light spray gel through the hair. Only apply this product halfway down the hair and onto ends.

Kate Bosworth hairstyle tutorial


Starting halfway down the hair, curl 2-inch sections, leaving the ends of the hair outside of the curling iron (this helps keep curls looking loose and “undone”). Curl the hair going back and continue around the entire head.

Kate Bosworth hairstyle tutorial


Brush all the curls out.

Kate Bosworth hairstyle tutorial


Finger through the curls to give the hairstyle a tousled look.

Kate Bosworth hairstyle tutorial


Tuck 1 side of the hair behind an ear.

Kate Bosworth hairstyle tutorial

Photo credits: Getty Images

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