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9 Uncommon ways to decorate with vintage doorknobs

We hope the vintage trend never goes away, because we’re still utterly enamored with it. Our newest obsession is vintage doorknobs, which have more possibilities than just opening a door.

These amazing doorknobs can be used in just about any home decorating project, such as a holiday centerpiece, a jewelry organizer or even a stopper for your favorite bottle of Bordeaux. Not only do vintage doorknobs add a country, rustic, chic vibe to your home, they can be found super cheap at many secondhand and thrift stores.


Charming towel hooks

Charming towel hooks made out of doorknobs

Photo credit: Stacy of Not Just a Housewife

We couldn’t love this DIY more if we tried. The vintage doorknobs add such a fun rustic vibe to any bathroom (even one fitted with more modern appliances) and can be made in less than an hour for less than $30! Check out Stacy’s blog for more details on how to make these.


Dresser handles

Dresser handles made out of door knobs

Photo credit: Lovely Etc.

This gorgeous DIY dresser is the perfect addition to just about any room in your home. Doorknobs make perfect handles for any of your old, beat-up dressers or cabinets and instantly update them with a trendy, vintage look. For something a little more unique, add a different doorknob to each drawer.


Jewelry organizer

Jewelry organizer made out of door knobs

Photo credit: Sweet Sadie K on Etsy

Our jewelry is always getting cluttered, stuck together and ruined, so this amazing organizer is on our must-buy list. We love how simple it is to make and how it will make organizing jewelry, stockings, keys or even jackets a breeze. Check out this board on Etsy.


Centerpiece add-ons

Centerpiece add ons made of door knobs

Photo credit: Belle the Magazine

This vintage doorknob table number takes it up a notch by featuring a piece of the actual door. This is such a fun, unique and whimsical way to decorate your wedding tables. Once the wedding is over, you can hang these up as part of a gallery wall.


Photo holder

Photo holder made from a door knob

Photo credit: Rustique Art

The days of boring frames and tacky magnets are in the past. Now you can showcase your wedding, engagement, family or baby photos in a doorknob photo holder. These would make fabulous holiday gifts and would be great conversation pieces.



doorknob bouquet

Photo credit: Rhinehart Photography

We absolutely love this stunning doorknob bouquet for any kind of decorating, from a wedding to a simple springtime brunch. You could use any doorknobs, but we love the vintage, ornate and brightly colored ones sold at Anthropologie. A few of these would be a dreamy accent to any table or set of hands.



DIY pumpkin uses doorknobs

Photo credit: Finding Home

This gorgeous DIY pumpkin uses doorknobs in an entirely new way. We love how the author of Finding Home repurposed plastic pumpkins into a gorgeous fall and autumn centerpiece with orange doorknobs, vintage keys and some beautiful burlap.


Cork holder

Cork holder

Photo credit: Glitter ‘N Glue

This is the perfect way to put those doorknobs to good use, especially for those who love their vino (like us)! These cork stoppers are super easy to make and would be a great gift for any wine lover and enthusiast.


Doorknob birdcage

Doorknob Birdcage

Photo credit: Nelot Cram Designs

Now this is an uncommon way to use a doorknob! This beautifully rustic birdcage makes a fabulous gift or accent to any backyard. Plus, if you plan on making this yourself, you can customize it every season with a new, fun doorknob.

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