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Slides, swings and other things we wish were in our home

When you wish upon a home, if you’re not dreaming of indoor slides or hanging swings in every room, you’re not dreaming big enough. Here are 12 ridiculously fun items to add to your dream-home list.


Super slide

Super Slide

Image via

This is not just a slide, this is a new way of living and a new way of entertaining. Slide party, anyone?


Swing table

Swing Table

Image via

This is an actual table you can buy in real life, not a joke. We don’t know any way to say this other than — holy smokes, that’s a swing table! Imagine the dinner parties with that thing.


Indoor swings

Indoor Swings

Image via

Sure, children are advertised utilizing these uber-cool indoor swings, but that doesn’t mean adults should be ashamed of wanting/purchasing/dreaming of these bad boys, too. We’re only human.


Hidden room

Hidden Room

Image via

There’s nothing quite as romantic as a hidden room full of books and cozy pillows and charm. This teeny tiny nook with a bookshelf is bursting with all three and oh my, it’s lovely.


Slide stairs

Slide Stairs

Image via

These kids have the right idea — take the slide instead of the stairs. Make it an event. Rock and roll all night. Party every day.


Indoor bench

Indoor Bench

Image via

Add this bench, a few pillows and a potted plant to your home, and voilà! You have an indoor garden and an excuse to sit down and put your feet up every once in a while.


Reading nook

Reading Nook

Image via

A brightly lit reading nook, sweeping views and piles and piles of books. Yes, this dream will do.


Indoor hammock

Indoor Hammock

Image via

We’re thinking pineapple juice, we’re thinking happy music, we’re thinking naps every day on this indoor hammock swing of joy and delight.


Indoor basketball court

Indoor Basketball Court

Image via

Whether or not you’re a sports fan, you have to admit that this basketball court room is… well… cool. There are no other words for it, unless we start going into ’90s slang, so we’ll stick with cool.


Harry Potter room

Harry Potter Room

Image via

No one should ever have to live in a Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs, but everyone should have the opportunity to sneak away to their own secret Harry Potter cupboard under the stairs and disappear for a while.


Indoor slide

Indoor slide

Image via

Another indoor slide, because we simply couldn’t pass this one up. It’s almost odd how natural this slide feels in this modern home, as if it were meant to be there always, as if we all were meant to have slides in our homes always.

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