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10 Delightful room colors that make you feel smarter

If colors influence your mood, why not surround yourself with fabulous shades that will bring out the best of your personality? We’ve rounded up room colors that make you feel smart to help bring out your intellect.



Purple room

Photo credit: Living room designed by Angie Hranowsky; photographed by Julia Lynn for Lonny

Global color authority Pantone named Radiant Orchid the “it” color for 2014, and soon you’ll be seeing the purple-pink shade everywhere. Luckily, purple is known to stimulate imagination and can help promote creativity.



Blue office

Photo credit: Office designed by Mary McDonald; photographed by Melanie Acevedo; found on Pinterest

Blue hues have a calming effect. These relaxing water-inspired shades can help you find your zen, making it easier to increase your productivity and making these shades perfect for a home office. Blue is also known to help suppress appetites, so if you have a bad habit of snacking at your desk, this color might help you avoid unnecessary treats.



Green home office

Photo credit: Woodland Road West office designed by Martha O’Hara Interiors; photographed by Troy Theis

The color green symbolizes growth, renewal, abundance and prosperity. Entrepreneurs looking to build their own success with a small home business might benefit from the positive properties of this optimistic color. Nature lovers will also love how green tends to bring the outside in.



Brown room

Photo credit: Kern Residence by Design Theory Interiors of California; photographed by Chris Little Photography

This approachable color is the go-to neutral for a reason. Brown has a wholesome quality that’s both practical and comfortable. This neutral shade can play the role of a chameleon, depending on which accents it’s paired with. Brass accents make it sophisticated, while greens bring out earthiness.



Black room

Photo credit: Vallejo Highrise designed by Candace Cavanaugh and Design Line Construction

Dark and mysterious, this neutral can symbolize power. Black used to be thought of as unapproachable in large amounts for interior design since it can make people feel depressed, but unconventional uses of the color in a space can make it feel sexy and sophisticated.

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