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21 Warrior cats defending the world


We’ve all heard of guard dogs — the canines who proudly stand watch over their loved ones, protecting them from the evils of life. But what about guard cats? Why aren’t they getting the same amount of attention and love? Why aren’t we making signs, creating Wikipedia pages and generally writing more articles about those cats out there defending the world? Why don’t we start right now? Here are 21 warrior cats defending the world.


“No books for you.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: jucantoro via Instagram

“You are not getting to the BMW, so don’t even try.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: ralphlaurenpolo via Instagram

“That’s right, back away from the wine. Further. Further. Yes, why don’t you just exit and make this easier?”

Guard cat

Photo credit: eyevolution via Instagram

“I see you. Oh, I see you.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: rebelabby via Instagram

“No rest for the wicked. Or the guard cat.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: sjtanzer via Instagram

“My yard. My rules. My glare.
My goodness, get out of here already.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: mewlissa via Instagram

“I will never abandon my post.
If this comes to a standoff, you will lose.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: lkemmery via Instagram

“I’m quite comfortable watching you from my perch all day, so don’t even think about it.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: ress_ginger via Instagram

“This Christmas tree ain’t big enough for the both of us.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: evabrichau via Instagram

“Guard cat rule #242:
Never leave a loved one unprotected in a room.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: roryaahinton via Instagram

“I take this laundry basket very seriously.”

Guard cat

Photo credit: ferbistheword via Instagram

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