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5 Fun furniture pieces that function like puzzles

Who said furniture had to be boring or traditional? To spruce up your apartment, home, condo or dorm, why not add one of these fun and quirky puzzle furniture sets? Not only are they rad, modern and comfortable, but they make fantastic conversation starters.

These funky yet fun pieces of furniture will quickly and easily update any of your tired rooms at home or even in the office. Plus, with how versatile many of these pieces are, you can redecorate and have a brand new room in seconds.


Puzzle table and chairs

Puzzle table and chairs

Image via Bhouse

Updating your kid’s playroom or their bedroom? Instead of a regular table and chairs, why not give them this fantastic puzzle table set? Your kids will love the bright colors and fun shape, and you’ll love how easy it is to assemble and put away. Simply push the chairs right back into the puzzle table.


The jigsaw table

Puzzle table set

Image via Houzz

For a gleaming modern touch to your dining room or office, why not add one of these incredible jigsaw

table sets as the focal point? The top is made from marble, giving it a sophisticated touch, while the bottom is created from brushed stainless steel. The best part about this table is how it instantly becomes six smaller cocktail tables in a second. Simply pull them apart and place them wherever you’d like.


Jigsaw puzzle stool

Jigsaw Puzzle Stool

Image via Cool Material

If you and your family are puzzle fanatics, this wood puzzle piece side table is the perfect addition to your home. The pieces pull apart to make two smaller tables, or they can be puzzled together in over six different ways to create a new fun shape for every single table. Rearranging your house has never been easier.


Puzzling star sofa and desk

Puzzling star sofa and desk

Image via HomeDosh

Probably our favorite puzzling piece of furniture is this amazing furniture set by Schamburg + Alvisse. It arrives assembled as a star sculpture, but it can be pulled apart and formed into a chair, sofa, bed or table. You also have the freedom to customize each piece by length, width and size by adding or removing extra sides and pieces. This would be perfect for small apartments or even dorm rooms.


Linked puzzle chairs

Linked puzzle chairs

Image via Homedit

Can’t decide on which color to decorate your living room, office or bedroom with? Instead of sticking with just one, why not add three? These removable puzzle-piece chairs are pretty to look at and super easy to decorate with. You can either feature them as a set of three or pull them apart and add one to each of your favorite rooms.

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