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How to file your nails the right way

The proper tool and technique are the difference between beautiful, strong nails and sad, weak nails.

How to file your nails the right way

Filing your nails correctly is important to prevent them from splitting and weakening. If you’ve been naughty and filing in both directions and using the wrong tool, try this method out and see the difference for yourself.

We’ve all used standard emery boards before — they are cheap, come in cute colors and patterns, are standard in nail tool kits and are easy to come by. But they wreck your nails. Swap one out for a crystal nail file. A crystal nail file is more expensive, but you can use it way longer than an emery board and it delivers better results that are worth every penny.

Now that you have the right tool, let’s go over the right technique. We’ve all heard you should always file in one direction, but when it gets right down to it, you’re usually filing away in every direction because it’s faster. Take the time to do it right. You should be filing toward the tip of your nail on each side of your finger. Start by filing the sides to get the shape you want, then finish the tip in one direction.

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