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Watch these silly watchdogs watch some stuff

They’re not only man’s best friend, but the best security system you have. Check out these silly pups watching and trying to guard you, the family and other household items.


“Wait, I think he moved.”

Wait, I think he moved.
Photo credit: megllist83 via Instagram

“We’re the protectors of the Earth… or at least the couch!”

We're the protectors of the Earth... or at least the couch!
Photo credit: sp1rit via Tumblr

“Nobody touches this puppy chow but me.”

Nobody touches this puppy chow but me.
Photo credit: krisstakespics via Instagram

“I’ve got the paper! I’ve got the paper… yeah, yeah, yeah!”

I've got the paper! I've got the paper...yeah, yeah, yeah!
Photo credit: camrynbolohan via Tumblr

“This is my bed, not yours!”

This is my bed, not yours!
Photo credit: puppygifs via Tumblr

“Mo’ money, mo’ problems. My problems.”

Mo' money, mo' problems. My problems.
Photo credit: nataytayyyy via Instagram

“We were watching the box so you wouldn’t go in it, silly!”

We were watching the box so you wouldn't go in it, silly!
Photo credit: chugmioli via Tumblr

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