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15 Easy hairstyles that pair well with a natural makeup look

If a fresh, natural look is what you’re after, go light on the makeup and give your hair an easy breezy style. Add a smile and let your inner beauty shine through!


Beachy waves

Get the beachy look, even if you’re nowhere near the coast, with loose waves like these. All you’ll need is a curling iron, some hair spray and a little scrunching.

Beachy waves hair tutorial >>


1960s ponytail

1960's Pony Tail |

Source: Babble

If you love everything ’60s, this easy ponytail is a fun way to style your hair. It’s super simple, too!

1960s ponytail hair tutorial >>


Braided top knot

For those mornings when you just don’t want to fuss with your hair, the braided top knot is a great styling option.

Braided top knot hair tutorial >>


Topsy tail

Topsy tail |

Add a little sass to your usual ponytail by flipping it through itself a few times to create a sleek grown-up topsy tail.

Topsy tail hair tutorial >>


Braided bangs

Looking for a cute way to add some style to your shorter haircut? Try French braiding your bangs.

Braided bangs hair tutorial >>


Messy French twist

Messy french twist |

Source: Once Wed

Roll and pin your locks into a messy French twist, and you’ll feel like a supermodel, even if you’re wearing a T-shirt and jeans.

Messy French twist hair tutorial >>


Knotted side braid

Knotted side braid |

For this casual style, simply tie your hair in multiple chunky knots and twist on a clear rubber band.

Knotted side braid hair tutorial >>


Twisted pony

Twisted pony |

Source: Dear Emmie

Maybe it’s the feathered earrings, but we think this twisted ponytail delivers elegance with an edge — and it only takes five minutes!

Twisted pony hair tutorial >>


Looped-under ponytail

Looped-under ponytail |

Source: Everything Fabulous

Effortless and chic — this looped-under ponytail is perfect for a night out on the town.

Looped-under ponytail hair tutorial >>


Simple chignon

Let your natural beauty shine through with this simple chignon at the base of the neck. It looks fancy, but it is surprisingly easy to do yourself.

Simple chignon hair tutorial >>


Waterfall twist

Waterfall twist |

Source: Hair and Makeup by Steph

If you’re looking for a soft romantic look, try a waterfall twist like this one. Click the link below for a video demonstration.

Waterfall twist hair tutorial >>


Chic updo

Chic updo |

Source: The Small Things blog

Think an updo is anything but simple? You might be surprised! Keep it sleek or mess it up a little for a casual look.

Chic updo hair tutorial >>


Three twisted buns

Three twisted buns |

Source: A Cup of Jo

If one bun is good, three must certainly be better — especially in the case of these three quick and easy “cinnamon roll” buns.

Three twisted buns hair tutorial >>


Messy bun

One of the benefits of long hair is having the option to twist it up into a messy bun whenever the mood strikes.

Messy bun hair tutorial >>


Half French braid ponytail

Add something extra to your ponytail and slip in a little braid on the side. If your hair isn’t long enough for a pony, go for the half French braid all by itself.

Half French braid ponytail hair tutorial >>

Quick tip: Want to see what a new hairstyle would look like on you? Upload your photo and give yourself a SheKnows Virtual Makeover!

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Half french braid ponytail |

Source: The Small Things Blog

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