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Battle of the dry shampoos

Going a day or two between washes used to be taboo, but with the sudden influx of dry shampoos on the market, the trend is becoming far more popular. In fact, skipping a couple days can actually be good for your hair! But we don’t always want everyone to know our dirty little secret. For those days when you’re skipping a wash and your hair needs a bit of a lift, dry shampoo is a great option. I’m sharing five of my faves!


Tried & true


Batiste dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo has been a fan favorite for years. It comes in a variety of scents and even shades for girls with blond to dark hair. Even better, it is available at most local drugstores, making it easy to get your hands on for those dirtier days. (, $8)


The gentle touch

Klorane gentle dry shampoo with oat milk

Klorane gentle dry shampoo with oat milk

Klorane gentle dry shampoo is made with oat milk, which softens and protects the hair while cleaning and volumizing. Even better, it is sulfate and sodium-chloride free! (, $18)


Best scent

Drybar detox dry shampoo

Drybar detox dry shampoo

Drybar is known for giving women fabulous blowouts, but what do you do the day after when your hair isn’t looking as great as when you just left the salon chair? That’s why they created their detox dry shampoo. It smells fabulous and will help you to rock that blowout for an extra day (or two!). (, $20)


Aerosol-free option

Lush No Drought

Lush No Drought

Lush’s dry shampoo takes a different approach to your dirty locks. This natural product is in powder form, but it won’t leave your hair powdery or deflated. Simply sprinkle some into the palm of your hands and apply to the scalp. It will add tons of volume and will leave your hair smelling delicious! (, $14)


Most volumizing

TiGi Rockaholic Dry Shampoo

TiGi Rockaholic Dry Shampoo

TiGi’s dry shampoo is sure to give you a lift. Its sweet citrus scent will leave your hair soft and voluminous while stopping the hair’s excess oil. No wash needed! (, $20)

My no-fail dry shampoo tips

  • I always have a backup can. It’s usually hard to tell when your can is running low, and there’s nothing worse than needing to run out the door when your dry shampoo suddenly stops spritzing. After learning the hard way, I always like to have a backup on hand.
  • Most spray dry shampoos need a good shake before application. Shake the can to ensure the product is thoroughly mixed.
  • Don’t get too close! In the beginning of my dry shampoo rendezvous, I was never pleased. I was always left with hair that felt weighed down and full of residue. To avoid this, simply spray further away — most stylists recommend at least 10 inches.
  • Most people make the mistake of spraying it in, then brushing it out right away. I like to spritz it on, and then leave it to soak up the extra oils as I do my makeup.
  • Brush it out. Most dry shampoos will leave a white residue on the hair, but don’t freak out! By brushing it through with your fingers or a hair brush, the white residue will go away.
  • Don’t push your hair too much. Most dry shampoos will work for a couple of days, but the hair will reach a point when it just needs to be washed. The product can create a buildup, but simply give it a wash to start over again fresh.
Dry shampoo

dry shampoo

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