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If You’re Single, These 10 Dog Breeds Will Make Sure You’re Never Lonely

A lot of us are single and loving it — but that doesn’t mean we don’t want a strong partner by our side. We’d just prefer said partner wasn’t human.

If you’re rollin’ solo or live alone, these 10 dog breeds make for great companions. If you adopt one, they’re sure to be your new BFF.

1. Top dog for apartment-dwellers: English Bulldog

English bulldog
Image: greedo06/Flickr

The English Bulldog is relatively docile (dare we say lazy?). While diminutive compared to a traditional guard dog, the stocky build, fearsome face and general demeanor will give potential aggressors pause. But because they’re so agreeable, it takes a lot (like someone attacking Mommy) to really set them off, so while some (especially males) may be somewhat dog-aggressive, you have less to worry about when walking them in public areas of the complex, even if children are around.

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Updated by Sarah Long on 3/2/17

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