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Looking for a Running Partner? These 10 Dog Breeds Are All You

Yes, our best (human) friends make for great exercising buddies, but let’s be real — they also ditch out every now again. Whether it’s because of a last-minute hot date or a sick kid, our BFFs have canceled a workout appointment with us on more than one occasion. A canine running partner, however, will never let you down.

And we’re not talking about small dogs with stubby little legs. They’re super-cute, but they can’t keep up. If you’re looking for a dog that will really motivate you to run faster, you need a breed that’s a little more athletic. We rounded up a list of dog breeds that are not only lovable and sweet, but also naturally athletic and thrive with a daily workout (or two).

1. Dalmatian

Image: BilevichOlga/Getty Images

Best for longer and slower runs, the Dalmatian enjoys jogging with his human partner as a means to burn energy. In need of regular exercise, running is not only a healthy activity for this pup, but can create a tight bond between the two of you. An energetic and playful breed, the Dalmatian will look forward to his daily runs.

Next up: Greyhound

Originally published January 2014. Updated March 2017.

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