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15 Clothing swaps: Replace old trends with these hip, new ones



Toss: Anything neon

Toss: Anything neon

Replace with: Nudes and pastels

Neons are taking a backseat to nudes, pastels and muted tones. Just don’t get stuck in the “beige” trap.

NY and CO Belted Boucle Coat

Belted Boucle Coat (New York & Company, $160) 

How to start your closet purge

You don’t have to break the bank to trade in your unwanted clothes for some new ones. Keep your resolution to save money by checking out consignment and secondhand stores. Consignment and secondhand stores stock gently used, name-brand clothing. An even better perk? You can sell/trade in the clothes you no longer want. Not sure if your clothes are more suitable to sell or donate? Here are some guidelines from Erica.


  • Items that show only light pilling and minor wear
  • Have faint spots on printed fabric


  • If items have holes, broken zippers, torn hems, etc.
  • Show shrinkage

Happy shopping!!!

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