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15 Clothing swaps: Replace old trends with these hip, new ones


Did you start the new year with the same old resolutions to lose weight, work out more, quit smoking and eat healthier? Those goals can be hard to keep, so we’ve got a better one. This year, it’s time to kick those old, ill-fitting and tired clothes to the curb and replace them with new ones. They’ll make you feel as if you’ve lost those 10 pounds you gained over the holidays, even if you haven’t!

Erica Setness, Head of Buying for Twice, an online consignment shop for secondhand fashion and the brand names of today, helped to compile a list of 2014’s Haves and Have Nots to help get your wardrobe in tip-top shape.


Toss: Mini and maxi length dresses/skirts

Toss: Mini and maxi length dresses/skirts

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Replace with: Midi length dresses/skirts

Finally a happy medium! A midi-skirt or dress is one that comes to the mid-calf.
This length can be tricky to wear because it’s easy to look dumpy. Pair with a nude heel.

ASOS Pencil Dress with Pleated Bust

Pencil Dress with Pleated Bust (ASOS, $70) 

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