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Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

Europe has an appeal that’s impossible to get enough of once you’ve visited. So, for the Europe obsessives out there yearning to get back to Paris, London, Venice or somewhere else on everyone’s favorite continent, we have gift ideas that will transport you there in spirit, and get you ready for your next jaunt across the Atlantic.


Airport T-shirt

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

The Europe lover on your list probably has a favorite airport, so why not gift him or her with a T-shirt that proudly displays the airport code for all to see. The super-soft tee from Pilot and Captain has a flattering fit and is the perfect basic no matter what side of the Atlantic you’re on. Choose from London, Rome, Barcelona, Paris and more! (, $32)


Perfume necklace

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

There’s an undeniable romance to Europe that we can’t help but fall in love with every time we visit, so take yourself there in a sweet-smelling Peacock Parfumerie’s vintage-inspired pendant necklace. Available in a variety of scents, our fave is Allure, a sensual melange of caramel and mandarin with a touch of lavender, rose and birch wood. (, $37)


Naya boots

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

Forget American-style sneakers and instead don a pair of fashionable knee-high boots on your next jaunt to Europe. Constructed from premium leather and complete with bungee detailing at the shaft that adds sophisticated interest, the comfortable yet chic Apollonia boots from Naya will keep your outfit “smart,” not to mention they go with everything from leggings to skinny jeans and more. (, $239)


Baggu bag

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

Many European grocery stores don’t bag your groceries for you or offer bags at all, so help out Mother Nature when you shop and come prepared with the most-stylish bag around — the Baggu. Available in a variety of chic patterns and colors, this affordable bag is just the thing for all your shopping needs. And trust us when we tell you that you’ll want more than one! (, $9)


ONA camera bag

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

Europe lends itself beautifully to cherished photos, so don’t even think about stepping on the plane without a classic canvas camera bag like the unisex Bowery from ONA. The water-resistant waxed canvas bag, complete with full-grain leather details, will comfortably house your DSLR and a small lens or accessory. One of the best purchases you’ll ever make, an ONA camera bag makes a statement all by itself. (, $119)


Europe note cards

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

Handwritten notes win over texts and emails every time, so indulge your inner writer and pick up a set of penelopespress letterpress-printed note cards with Italian flair. Adorned with “grazie mille” in black ink, use them to say thanks or just to say hi, but just make sure you save them for someone special! (, $36 for set of 20)


Moleskine City Notebook Berlin

Gift guide for the Europe-obsessed traveler

If Berlin is your European city of choice, snap up the Moleskine City Notebook Berlin to help you organize your next trip to one of the coolest cities in Germany. The pocket-size notebook comes with a street and subway map to help you get around, and there is a lot of space to jot down your favorite places and memories of your trip. Use the remaining pages to keep track of any other info that will help make your trip a blast! (, $18)  

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