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10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

For that friend who always seems to be hitting the road or coming back from somewhere, there are some gift ideas that will make her jet-set lifestyle run more smoothly, or at least inspire her next trip, and we’ve sourced some of the best and most useful.


Multi-pocket bag

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Anyone who travels frequently knows the importance of pockets and having an abundance of them for all of the items we schlep around, especially in transit. That’s why we love this simple-but-chic gray messenger bag with multiple zippered pockets and an adjustable strap. (MoMA Store, $98)


Traveler’s soap

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Liquid soap gets messy and bar soap can be hard to transport after it’s been used, but this handy all-natural soap in a tube is an ideal solution for anyone on the go. When you need soap, simply twist as you would a deodorant stick. You can use this no matter where you are. (Uncommon Goods, $8)


Embroidered jewelry roll

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Packing jewelry when you travel can be a pain, and precious pieces can easily get lost. Make it easy for any jet setter in your life to get her favorite rings and necklaces from A to B by gifting her with a pretty embroidered jewelry roll. (Anthropologie, $38)


Molded eye mask

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

If you want any hope of sleeping on the plane, a good eye mask is essential. We love this soft and comfortable mask, which blocks out light but doesn’t actually touch your eyes, making sleeping in-flight that more comfortable. (Flight 001, $18)


Herban Essentials towelettes

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

These naturally antibacterial and antiseptic towelettes are perfect for the frequent traveler. Made with pure essential oil, they can be used to clean hands, freshen up or clean the surfaces around you (e.g., on the plane or in a public restroom). Choose from several scents including orange, lemon and peppermint. (Herban Essentials, $16 for 20)


Portable humidifier

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Hotel rooms have a tendency to be dry. If you know someone who seems to be living out of hotel rooms lately, get her a travel humidifier to help regulate her surroundings. This one conveniently works using a water bottle. (Bed, Bath and Beyond, $40)


Kate Spade passport holder

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Many travelers we know never think to treat themselves to a passport holder, so we suggest getting anyone who’s always in and out of airports an elegant and eye-catching case. We like the Kate Spade passport holder in black with cream polka dots. (Kate Spade New York, $68)


Portable iPhone charger

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Keep gadget-toting travelers happy with a colorful charger they can easily slip into their purses. The stylish portable battery can revive a lagging device for up to three hours. It just needs to be plugged into an outlet for a few hours before departure. (Uncommon Goods, $35)


Solid perfume

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Perfume can be messy if it leaks. Often most commercial fragrances are too strong to pull out on a plane, but a solid perfume is both subtle and mess-free. These artfully packaged solid fragrances come in a variety of uplifting scents and are perfect for travel. (Soap and Paper Factory, $22)


Skin and body care kit

 10 Gifts any frequent traveler would love

Ensure any traveling friend feels gorgeous on the go with the help of Hollybeth Organics Travel Kit. The all-in-one kit includes travel-size hand cream, face moisturizer, eye cream, shea butter and body scrub all in a pretty tin. (Flight 001, $35)

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