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20 Small Dog Breeds That Are Beyond Cute

17. Havanese

Image: @Hans Surfer/Moment/Getty images

There isn’t a furry friend or human the Havanese doesn’t like. A charming little pup, the Havanese has a soft, easy-maintenance coat. A pup that loves to cuddle, this lovable pooch enjoys the company of its owner 24/7, which is why it’s nicknamed “Velcro dog.”

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18. Japanese chin

Japanese Chin
Image: Justin Horrocks/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Another toy breed, the darling Japanese chin also falls into the category of a companion breed. Well-mannered, affectionate and extremely loyal, this dog believes its life goal is to be at the service of its owner. Beware, however, of these pooches’ jumping skills, as they can leap up great distances in just a single bound. A bit on the sensitive side, the Japanese chin does best with adults and feline siblings.

19. Chihuahua

Image: @Hans Surfer/Moment/Getty images

Still sometimes referred to as the “Taco Bell dog,” the Chihuahua is one of the most well-known small breeds on the planet. Filled with a feisty personality and watchdog abilities to boot, this pooch is a confident and sassy breed. Best as a one-human kind of pet, the Chihuahua gets along best with cats and adult humans.

20. West Highland white terrier

West Highland White Terrier
Image: jfoto/Moment/Getty images

The West Highland white terrier is arguably the cutest dog on the entire planet. White, fluffy and a great therapy dog, there’s no denying this breed’s awesomeness. A “Westie” is good with kids, families, cats and pretty much everyone. Perhaps their best quality is how easily they are house-trained due to their preference for cleanliness.

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Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

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