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20 Small Dog Breeds That Are Beyond Cute

13. Lhasa apso

Lhasa Apso
Image: VKarlov/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Small yet assertive, the Lhasa apso is a companion breed that was bred to protect its family. Good with all kinds of people and pets, it makes a great addition to any family. Fearless and devoted, the Lhasa apso is a pretty pup that enjoys a good pampering, requiring lots of grooming, and cuddle sessions at the end of a busy day.

14. Skye terrier

Skye Terrier
Image: Brytta/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Made famous by Queen Victoria herself, this versatile breed can get fiercely protective or just be a friendly companion. Don’t be fooled by its small size — the Skye terrier is an excellent watchdog. Smart, friendly and outgoing, this is a happy pup to have around. Fearless and loyal, the Skye terrier is a breed suited for a one-pet-only household.

15. Sussex spaniel

Sussex Spaniel
Image: Gareth Byrd/Flickr

A sporting and gun dog, the cute Sussex spaniel makes an excellent hunting and family pet. Reliable and a lover of dogs and kids, the pup is friendly, lovable and notoriously slow. Looking a bit somber, the Sussex spaniel is actually a very happy and good-natured dog and loves the company of other dogs.

16. Petit basset griffon Vendéen

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Image: Nathan150/Flickr

A hound breed, the petit basset griffon Vendéen loves to be active and will often keep itself entertained by getting into a little trouble. Adorable with its furry features, this dog requires a lot of grooming and playtime. Smart and easily trained, the petit basset griffon Vendéen makes a great family dog with its friendly and outgoing nature.

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