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20 Small Dog Breeds That Are Beyond Cute

5. Boston terrier

Boston terrier
Image: Doxieone Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Just like the natives of the city it was named after, the Boston terrier is one loyal breed. It loves people, kids, cats and other dogs alike and is extremely adaptable. One of the most popular small breeds, the Boston terrier is one tiny pup that dog lovers like to have around.

6. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu
Image: Geri Lavrov/Photodisc/Getty images

The Shih Tzu‘s cuteness matches its vibrant and spunky personality. A breed known for its luxurious coat and adorable appearance, the Shih Tzu needs a lot of grooming to keep it looking good, including daily brushing. This dog makes a great companion for adults and older children.

7. Bichon frise

Bichon Frise
Image: thomaszobl/iStock/Getty Images Plus

It’s tiny and super-fluffy: The bichon frise is the epitome of cuteness. A feisty breed, this little guy loves to play with its beloved owner. Despite the fact that it looks just like a child’s toy, the bichon frise is not actually classified as a toy breed but rather one of the non-sporting group. A super-cuddlebug, the bichon frise is also very affectionate and loving toward adults and other furred friends.

8. Pomeranian

Image: Laures/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Another fluff ball to love up to, the Pomeranian is a compact puppy of Nordic descent. Smart and curious, this is a soft and lively breed. Excellent as a show dog, the Pomeranian is easily trained due to its incredible intelligence. Not very good with kids, this dog does amazingly well with cats.

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