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DIY: Add chevron ribbon detail to a simple sweater

Give a plain sweater an unexpected edge with ribbon-embellished chevron arms. Go pink and girly, black and edgy or red and holiday-ready!

DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- supplies


  • Plain sweater
  • Scotch tape
  • 5/8-inch ribbon
  • Scissors




DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- preparation

Take a piece of tape and wrap around the end of the ribbon to prepare it for sewing. It should look like the end of a shoelace. Lay your sweater down flat, face up and plan where you want each stitch to go. This sweater’s stitches are three rows wide and about 1.5 inches long.



DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- sew

DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- sew

Using your pointed ribbon, make your first stitch starting from the inside. Pull a length of ribbon through that’s a little longer than twice the length of the arm. You’ll be working with this piece of ribbon, not pulling any extra through the first hole. Make your second stitch going down and in toward the edge of your sweater. Pull the length through and begin on your second stitch. Work your way down the arm.

Once you get to the end of the arm, repeat these steps going back up right next to these stitches. (This will technically be the back of the sweater arm, but you can lay it out so you can see the whole thing now that you have the first line done.



DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- tie

Once both lines of the chevron design are sewn, take the loose ends of the ribbon (which are on the inside of the sweater) and tie in a knot. You can squirt some super glue on the knot for extra security if you’d like.



DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- final result

DIY Chevron ribbon arm sweater | -- final result

Repeat this step on the second arm and you’re ready to wear your sweater!

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