Where to find vintage movie posters

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect gifts for moviegoing friends and family, there’s one gift option that rises above the rest — vintage movie posters! Whether you’re on a tight budget or feeling spendy, true vintage and vintage-style movie posters are great gifts for the movie obsessed.

Wizard of Oz Etsy poster


Etsy prints aren’t real vintage posters (that is, they weren’t actually around when the movie was in theaters 40 years ago), but in true Etsy style, many of the site’s artists (dare we say it?) pull off a better poster than the original print! Take, for instance, this vintage-inspired Wizard of Oz print by user posterexplosion. Often, subtle nods to the movie are better than an obvious, outdated movie poster.


eBay is the hub of everything vintage on the internet, but buyer beware: Some of the “vintage” movie posters you find there might actually be reprints. It’s best to look at the seller’s feedback before buying. If any buyers are screaming, “Fake!” it’s best to move on. However, it’s entirely possible that the seller simply had the poster lying around for a few decades. Exercise caution. eBay is also a great place to find autographed vintage movie posters, but again, buyer beware. Look for a reputable seller before purchasing.


AllPosters.com is a great resource for any kind of poster, but when you’re looking for a vintage poster reprint, it’s the perfect place to shop. If you’re on a tight budget, reprints are your best options. And often, they look better than the original! AllPosters.com has a huge selection of posters, most of which are under $20 and come in a cardboard tube to ensure rip-free, safe shipping.

Movie theaters

It seems like a no-brainer, but often, old movie theaters don’t take the time to throw out old movie posters. You might not be able to find a 40-year-old poster, but if your giftee is in love with a movie that came out within the last decade, often your local, noncorporate movie theater has the poster lying around. Call the theater and ask if they have anything you’re looking for. If they do, make a small offer. It’s a small price to pay for a real-deal movie poster. Besides, you might find other memorabilia like cardboard cutouts and other promotional items that only theaters have.


eMoviePoster.com is an auction-style site with legitimate vintage movie posters. It’s a lot like eBay but with a lower risk of fakes. Type your movie poster of choice into the search function and look through all current and upcoming auctions to find the vintage poster of your desire.

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