Photo tutorial: Floating hearts nail design

Inspired by a look from Rachel Antonoff’s 2014 spring fashion line, light and dark blue alternate in a floating heart pattern.

Floating hearts nail design |

Rachel Antonoff's spring 2014 line,

Photo credit: Rachel Antonoff

Floating hearts nail design


  • Essie’s After School Boy Blazer
  • Essie’s Borrowed and Blue
  • Dotting tool

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Floating hearts nail design |

Begin with a base coat of navy on three nails and light blue on two.



Using the dotting tool, make two dots near each other that will make up the top of the heart.

Floating hearts nail design |

Drag some paint down to make the heart’s point. Use light blue over the navy, and vice versa. Make more hearts on all the nails, a few on each nail.

Floating hearts nail design |

To get the nail design right, make them look like they’re floating away in the wind (not a perfectly symmetrical heart). Let dry and finish with a top coat.

Floating hearts nail design |

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