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7 Animal prints that add a splash of color

Sometimes you want to take a walk on the wide side when your outfit is otherwise bland. Luckily, there are dozens of animal prints that can add a bit of edge and color to full ensembles, and they’re fully in fashion now.

Leopard print |

Classic leopard print

If you have an all-black or gray ensemble, classic orange-toned leopard print can add a splash of color without venturing into the realm of tacky. Wear it as a shirt under a solid black cardigan or opt for something a little more wild with a leopard print skirt, black shirt and platform pumps. It’s totally vavavoom!

Zebra print |

Navy zebra print

Black and white zebra print is fun, but it has pretty much been taken over by 14-year-old girls shopping in cheap jewelry stores. The grown-up version is something you’ll never see in nature — a navy and white zebra print. Navy is always sophisticated and looks great paired with beige, gold, brown and more.

Giraffe print |

Giraffe print

Giraffe is often overlooked for leopard, but the gorgeous, elongated frame of the giraffe can be channeled in your outfit. Find a giraffe print dress and pair it with the tallest pumps you can find. Finish the look off with an updo that shows off your long neck.

Cow print |

Cow print

Who wants to look like a cow? We do! The cow might not be the most elegant animal, but its black-and-white printed coat adds color and print to an ensemble without going overboard. Keep it subtle (not cowgirl) with a cow-printed top, black pencil skirt and a silver blazer.

Pink lepoard print |

Pink leopard print

Pink leopard print can easily go awry, so it’s important to use the print in small doses. Maybe it’s a bright pink and black leopard print cardigan or blouse paired with classic black trousers and bright suede pumps. Subtlety is the name of the game.

Tiger print |

Tiger print

You’ve earned your stripes. Now add a pop of color to your outfit with the orange and black stripes of a tiger, which look fab paired with gold or silver. Add a touch of color to your tootsies by finding a pair of tiger-striped flats.

Deer print

This print is harder to come by, but the warm brown tone of deer’s fur is the perfect demure touch to an outfit without going full-blown cutesy. Add some beige trousers and nude platforms into the mix and you have a playful ensemble that’s still totally grown up.

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Deer print |

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