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7 Color combos to try in winter wardrobes

Winter wardrobes can become dreary if you don’t stay on top of things. It’s easy to throw on gray pants and a black cardigan and run out the door, but to keep things interesting, you need to keep the color! Keeping in mind basic color theory, you can create comfy, warm outfits that aren’t totally drab.

Monochromatic greys |

Multiple grays

This monochromatic color scheme might sound like it would be dull, but it can actually look quite fresh. Rather than pairing gray cotton pants with a similarly colored T-shirt, combine a dark gray trouser with pinstripes and a sequin shirt, then top it off with a silvery cardigan or blazer. Silver and gray are perfect for the holidays if green and red aren’t quite your style.

Emerald and plum |

Emerald and plum

It’s a nod to Christmas colors without going over-the-top and kitschy. Emerald and olive tones look great paired next to plum, almost like they’re made for each other. If you want to go bold, pair an emerald dress with plum platform pumps for a holiday party.

Hot pink, white, and silver |

Hot pink, white and silver

Looking out at the gray winter sky makes you crave color. What’s more colorful than hot pink? Find your favorite tone of bright pink in luxurious fabrics like knits and satin, then pair it with a white cardigan and silvery trousers. If you want to amp it up for a party, sport a hot pink pencil skirt, white top and silver blazer.

Gold, brown, and cream |

Gold, brown and cream

Traditionally gold and black are paired together, but today that looks a little old fashioned. The new black is brown, and mixed with cream, the color scheme is reminiscent of a chocolate bar. Pair a beige-gold satiny top with a high-waisted A-line skirt for a comfy, expensive-looking style, then add gold jewelry on top.

Silvery blue and beige |

Silvery blue and beige

Look for blues that border on gray in rich materials, then wear your favorite pair of figure-enhancing khakis. This is a perfectly acceptable office look that can be tweaked with a skirt when it comes to going out.

Plum and silver |

Plum and silver

Plum is often overlooked for cranberry, but it looks great on women with cooler skin tones. Pops of silver bring out plum’s blue tones and complements fair-skinned ladies perfectly.

Cranberry and gold

You can’t do winter without wearing cranberry. Luckily, it’s a color that looks good on almost any skin tone. Add a touch of gold on top and you have a complementary color scheme that’s effortless for the holidays.

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Cranberry and gold |

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