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The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

The Katniss braid has left its mark on the hairstyle community. Now, cue Catching Fire and the famous ‘do is going to a whole new level. Thanks to the on-screen Hunger Games wedding, Katniss has debuted anther memorable hairstyle.

The Katness wedding hairstyle tutorial


The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

Senior stylist Graziella at SalonCapri in Boston broke down the wedding style from The Hunger Games for us. You can do it yourself or show it to your wedding day stylist for some inspiration.


This style works the best on clean, damp hair. Graziella recommends spritzing your strands lightly with water just prior to styling.


The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

To start, comb hair and part down the center to create 2 equal sections. French braid each section tightly and secure at the nape of the neck with a clear elastic. Make sure to leave out a few sections of hair free in the back.


The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

Next, separate each braid tail into 2 sections and braid each to the end. Secure with a clear or matching elastic. You will now have 4 braids and the extra hair still hanging.


The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

Then, take the 2 outer braids and fold them up around the side of your head to create a crown. Secure with a bobby pin at the top.


The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

Next, braid the remaining sections of hair into 4 to 5 (3-strand) braids and secure each with a clear elastic.


The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

Take the remaining inner braids (the tails of the French braids) and wrap them into tight coils. Secure with bobby pins at the base of the French braid. Then weave each braid into the secured coiled braids and pin where desired to the back of the head.

The final look

The Hunger Games wedding hairstyle tutorial

To finish, spray with a heavy coat of hairspray. Graziella prefers Shu Uemura Sheer Lacquer for shine and hold. After styling, Graziella added a vintage brooch at the top of head where the crown braids meet, to give the style an added Capitol-inspired flair.

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