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Find the best sweater neckline for you

Depending on your style and the temperatures outside, how do you know which neckline is for you? Here are four sweater staples that will fit any mood you’re feeling.

Woman wearing a war sweather |

Crew neck |

Crewneck by sheknowsdotcom featuring michael michael kors tops

Crew neck

The timeless sweatshirt is a classic because it looks good onvirtuallyany body type and can be paired with anything to consistently look effortless. From a Fair Isle print to the standard cable knit, the sweater’s shape has become iconic, and so has the way you style it. To dress up a crew neck, tuck it into a slouchy, relaxed-fit trouser for work or a leather skirt for a night out to give those blouses a rest. And for the easiest styling yet, just pair the sweater with a pair of skinny jeans and short ankle boots to keep the look simple and classic.

Turtleneck |

Turtleneck by sheknowsdotcom featuring J.Crew


To achieve maximum warmth without sacrificing a tailored style, a turtleneck provides the best of both worlds. When the sweater is thin and made with a high-quality material such as cashmere or merino wool, it supplies high levels of cozy warmth and lends itself to optimum styling ability. You can never go wrong wearing a thin turtleneck under a blazer or down vest.

For thicker, cable-knit sweaters, the bigger the turtleneck, the better. Style with a cropped motorcycle jacket on weekends or a knee-length wool coat for work and you’ll never feel the winter cold again.

Cowl neck |

Cowl neck by sheknowsdotcom featuring a lauren by ralph lauren sweater

Cowl neck

The perfect neckline for someone who seeks warmth but not restriction. For those who feel claustrophobic in a thick turtleneck but need to keep warm against dipping temperatures, this is the sweater for you. As for styling, the cowl neck seems to create an outfit in and of itself. The multiple layers of fabric draping the neck add a graphic element to the sweater. This slouchy and comfy neckline is a great choice for bracing the winter cold.

Neckline-V-neck |

Neckline-V-neck by sheknowsdotcom featuring cashmere sweaters


The quintessential V-neck sweatshirt is a classic because it leaves many options for styling. You can go from wearing a cotton collared shirt to a graphic T-shirt underneath and the V-neck will polish the look of either one. V-necks are roomy, comfy and above all versatile — perfect for the woman who loves layering.

Designer Sweats |

Designer Sweats by sheknowsdotcom featuring Givenchy

Designer Sweats

Kenzo, Burberry and Givenchy have graphic crew neck sweatshirts, each with their own quirky spin.

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