Etsy stores perfect for the movie lover

If you like to shop on Etsy but thought there were no gifts there for the movie lovers on your list, think again. These stores have some unique items that are sure to put smiles on the face of your favorite film buffs.

Movie prints and posters

HARSHNESS Disney posters

Harshness: Harshness has movie posters, pop art, retro and vintage posters with a truly unique take. Their minimalist prints are really something to behold, with visions of Finding Nemo, Thor‘s hammer and an Indiana Jones instruction guide to the Last Crusade.

A lot of people have Star Wars posters, but how many have a print of the Coruscant? When was the last time you saw all four Hogwarts house banners from the Harry Potter movies hanging on the wall? Exactly. The prints are available individually or in sets. If you have something special in mind, you can contact Harshness for a custom order.


FADEGrafix: If you have two movie lovers on your list and they both happen to love posters, there’s no need to shop from the same Etsy store. FADEGrafix is another store featuring artwork that’s inspired by great films and that has an original touch. REDRUM features the word and a blood-spatter pattern over a quote from The Shining, and they already feature a haunting print from the film Ender’s Game. A simple Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly black-and-red Singin’ in the Rain poster titled “Gotta Dance” is stunning.

Stickers, buttons and notebooks

PONJA HIJA Reservoir cats

PonjaHija: If your movie lover also happens to love cats (and TV shows), PonjaHija is the place to shop on Etsy. You can buy their homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds in sticker form, as well as Reservoir Cats and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Cats Club Band stickers. You can get notebooks with shout-outs to The Godfather (The Godkitten) and buttons for The Avengers (The cAtengers) and Edward Scissorhands.

Custom-made canvas

UNLOCKMYSTORY movie quote poster

Unlockmystory: This Etsy store has a beautiful, custom-made canvas filled with movie quotes. You can choose to purchase the quotes they have readily available, or you can fill the canvas with quotes that will make a one-of-a-kind memory to share with a friend or to give to a favorite couple. The only thing you need to do is the research. Every canvas comes with a separate sheet of paper listing the quotes and the movies where they originated.

Original-content ‘zine

KSEN I Love Bad Movies original zine

Ksen: Not every movie can be a good one, and although Ksen doesn’t have a large selection in their Etsy store, the satisfied customers rating the five volumes of the ‘zine give it an average of five stars. So, “I Love Bad Movies” can’t be all wrong, right? Each volume after the first has a theme — from love, sex and friendship to kids and teens. Featuring a mixture of articles, reviews and silly graphics of movies from the ’70s through the present, the gift will surely be one the movie lover on your list is currently without.

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