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The truth: What your dog really thinks about Christmas



Dog covered in Christmas lights

Photo credit: indigo_jones via Flickr

“I’m not sure how this happened,
and I’m not sure if I’m OK with it.”

Dog wrapped in wrapping paper

Photo credit: GeeRome via Flickr

“I’m sneaking. I’m sneaking. I’m sneaking toward the Christmas tree — ah! You caught me!”

Dog sneaking towards Christmas tree

Photo credit: sundero via Flickr

“I like to eat the Christmas tree — so what?”

Dog eating Christmas tree

Photo credit: chromatophobe via Flickr

“I was just… polishing… this ornament.”

Dog with Christmas ornament in mouth

Photo credit: xbrandylynx via Flickr

“I want to eat those gifts, and I want to eat them now.”

Dog looking at Christmas gifts

Photo credit: broken_puzzle via Flickr

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