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10 Dog Breeds That Behave Like Cats — in Case You Really Can’t Make Up Your Mind

6. Italian greyhound

Italian Greyhound
Image: madaise/Flickr

Although a loving breed, this is not the main reason the Italian greyhound is like the cat — instead, it’s his need to chase after any intruders. And like some cat breeds, the greyhound does best with adults and elderly owners.

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7. Whippet

Image: Jennifer Mannion – Blinkclick Photography/Getty Images

Like a kitty, the whippet enjoys spending his day relaxing around the house. And though he enjoys a run or two outside, similar to the cat he’s intelligent and quiet.

8. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu
Image: Tomoyuki Mukasa/EyeEm/Getty Images

Daring, courageous and extremely pleasant to be around, the Shiba Inu is cat-like in more than just his temperament. He enjoys keeping himself clean and groomed, and you’ll often catch this pup meticulously licking himself like his kitty friends do.

9. Mi-Ki

Image: Derek Yu/Flickr

Laid-back like most cat breeds, the Mi-Ki is a very relaxed pooch. Liking all humans — strangers included — he’s a very friendly guy. Smart and adaptable, it’s difficult for a human to dislike being around a loving breed such as this.

10. Poodle

Image: Jake Jung/Getty Images

Perhaps the least to resemble its kitty friends, the poodle is similar to the feline for the fact that he loves no one more than he loves himself. A dog who carries himself with merit, he may also believe he owns the house in the same way cats feel this. Enjoying a lot of activity, he’s bound to get into mischief if bored.

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