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10 Dog Breeds That Behave Like Cats — in Case You Really Can’t Make Up Your Mind

As you’ve probably already noticed, the world is divided into two groups: cat people and dog people. These two animals have polarized human opinions for years — but is it possible to love both? Yup! There are a ton of us who love the big, fluffy cuddles that come with adopting a dog, but are also in love with the temperaments of cats.

With these 10 breeds, you can have your cake and eat it too.

1. Vizsla

Image: Andre Michels/EyeEm/Getty Images

The vizsla is highly active, but boy does he ever love his human companion. Loyal, affectionate and full of adoration, this pup is comparable to kitty-kind for his tender mannerisms and obsession with cuddling up with his owner.

2. Manchester terrier

Manchester terrier
Image: Roger Ahlbrand/Flickr

Another loyal breed, the Manchester terrier may look a little intimidating but he’s an affectionate dog through and through. Forming a tight bond with his owner straight away, he loves to cuddle up on a lap all day long. Similar to a cat, the pup will likely follow a rat or insect out of the house if he feels the need.

3. Papillon

Image: kozorog/Getty Images

A great companion, the papillon is happy playing outside or cuddling close to his owner all day long. Friendly and outgoing, this breed easily gets along with most adults and children, although he does need to learn to socialize properly. Intelligent like a feline, the papillon is also very assertive and sure of himself.

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4. Basenji

Image: fugzu/Flickr

The breed most like a cat, the basenji is energetic, caring and shy when it comes to people he doesn’t know. Choosing one human to attach to, he’s a very devoted dog. The basenji is athletic and a very supple and self-assured pup.

5. Shetland sheepdog

Shetland sheepdog
Image: Yuki Cheung/EyeEm/Getty Images

Another devoted dog, the Shetland sheepdog prides himself on his eagerness to obey and follow his owner’s directions. Similar to a cat, he’s extremely smart and warm with his family and shy with strangers.

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Originally posted November 2013. Updated September 2017.

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