How to pick the right shade of red lipstick

With a huge selection of lipstick shades these days, it’s hard to pinpoint which shade is right for you. Choose the right shade of lipstick by matching it to your skin tone.

Porcelain skin

Red lipstick for Porcelain skin

For porcelain skin avoid high gloss. Choose a pinker matte color if you have darker hair. For lighter hair, stick with a reddish-orange matte, which draws the eye to the lips.

Fair skin

Red lipstick for Fair skin

For fair skin, choose a bold to darker red. Since blush pops on fair skin, bolder red lipsticks will complement the cheeks. Avoid orange-tinted lipstick and consider the dark pink to true red end of the spectrum.

Bronze skin

Red lipstick Bronze skin

Bronze skin can pull off almost any shade of lipstick, from bold reds to light pinks. For an intense nighttime look, try a bright red. For the innocent first date night look, aim for dark pink shades.

Light brown skin

Red lipstick for Light brown skin

For light brown skin, the perfect colors are dark reds to dark plum shades, which complement the golden undertones of this skin tone and add a glowing look. Try to stick the matte colors to highlight darker eyes.

Dark skin

Red lipstick for dark skin

For dark skin, go for deep reds and purplish hues. It will brighten your smile and give off a luminous look. Apply a thick gloss to catch the attention of anyone passing by. Also try lining your lips with a shade or two darker than the color to give your lipstick more of a pop.

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