How to prevent red lipstick from bleeding

Ever have the problem of bleeding lipstick? Constantly checking the mirror to make sure that your lipstick isn’t all over your face (or your teeth) can get annoying. If you follow just a few simple tricks, you can prevent the bleeding and continue to wear lipstick.


Prime your lips

If you apply color to dry lips, your lipstick might start flaking and create that rough, dried-up look. Instead, apply a lip scrub at least once a week and make sure to keep your lips moisturized. Apply a good lip balm every night before you go to bed, to keep your lips kissable and soft.


Line your lips

Lining your lips is essential. It fills in all of the crevices around your lips that your lipstick might seep into. It will also create a barrier so lipstick doesn’t smear around the edges of your lips. Try choosing a color that is either the same color as your lipstick or a little bit lighter. This will also give your lipstick a nice “pop.”


Always moisturize

Moisture is of key importance in general. Make sure to always moisturize with your favorite lip balm every night and before putting on your lipstick. This will make sure that your lips don’t look dry or cracked once the color is on.


Don’t forget to blot

Blotting is important, especially so your lipstick doesn’t bleed onto your teeth. Place a clean tissue between your lips and simply press your lips together. You can also place the tissue over your index finger and gently press your lips around your finger.


Get glossy

Gloss keeps your lips hydrated after your put on your lipstick and gives them a glowing appearance. Choose a good, thick gloss that stays in place. One lip gloss that we like is MAC Clear Lipglass.

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