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Top 10 car gadgets

Know a road warrior? These gadgets will make his life much simpler, safer and more fun.

We all know someone who spends tons of time on the road, for either work or play. These gadgets will keep your road-tripper or your traveling salesman plugged in, safe and happy.


SiriusXM radio for the car

Sirius/XM radio for the car

Satellite radio isn’t as expensive as you might think! All car kits (Amazon, $70) include the actual tuner/radio, mounts and connection necessities. You can buy subscriptions on a month-to-month basis, or you can chip in with someone else for a year’s subscription (SiriusXM, $199 a year).


Two-port charger

Car Charger

Just about all of us have one of those USB car chargers now. However, what happens if a passenger needs to charge, too? Or what if you need to charge your iPhone to use for GPS and your tablet for working later? Belkin makes a two-port USB charger (Amazon, $45).


Bluetooth location tracker for your cellphone

Bluetooth location tracker for your cell

Save your avid traveler from a few minutes of stress with Stick-n-Find stickers. Attach them to keys or wallets, then use the cellphone app to track them down (Brookstone, $50).


Bending, swinging cellphone holder

Bending, swinging cell phone holder

Bondi’s cellphone holder has feet and arms that lock a cellphone in place on the rearview mirror. It’s the perfect spot to keep GPS directions or check caller ID without wrecking the car. It comes in a million colors and is available nearly everywhere (Amazon, $15).


Heated travel mug

Heated travel mug

Help your long-distance commuter start her day off right with a heated mug of coffee that stays hot for the entire ride (Amazon, $18).


Add remote start

remote start

If you live in frigid climates, having remote start can save your family from frostbite. You’d better love it, though. The units aren’t expensive, but we recommend you take the car to professionals and cough up the cash for installation expenses (Sonic Electronix, $80 and up).


Aftermarket backup

Aftermarket back-up cam

Let’s face it: Some of us just need a little parking assistance. Put their minds at ease when parallel parking or backing out of cramped spaces by updating their car with a backup camera (Northern Tool, $120).


Flashing roadside emergency light

Flashing roadside emergency light

Perfect for late-night flat tires or impromptu emergency-lane raves, a flashing light will make them visible to oncoming traffic, keeping everyone safe while digging for the tire iron or busting out bad dance moves (Think Geek, $15 and up).


LED car sign

LED car sign

Sometimes, a fist, finger or thumb isn’t enough to communicate feelings in a particular instance. Some signs only do smiley/scowling faces, but we found a sign that holds 11 messages. So you can sincerely (or sarcastically) say, “Thanks for letting me over” (Amazon, $40).


Battery charger

Battery charger

When AAA anticipates an hours-long wait or your car dies in Utah and you don’t have cell service, you need a way to charge your car battery. You can go the quicker, less expensive jumper-pack option, or you can try a flexible solar battery charger. It takes longer, but it’s much greener (Earthtech Products, $279).

Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

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