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Top 10 gadgets for your handyman

Inspire your hardworking DIYer with these workroom accessories. They’re sure to help him make quick work of your honey-do list.

What do you get a man with a workbench full of tools? How about getting one of these handy gadgets for your favorite handyman?


Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Replace “Honey, can you Google electrical-outlet installation” with “Honey, can you bring me my Nexus?” The Nexus 7 can replace all the DIY books with Googled instructions and YouTube videos to help hammer through projects (Google, starting at $229).


Charging workshop box

Charging workshop box

All his most-used tools come cordless in this kit. When they’re snapped into place, they’ll charge up inside this amped-up toolbox. Pull them out, use them until they’re dead and then pop them back inside for a full recharge (Amazon, $583).


Magnetic wristband

Magnetic bracelet

Never watch a screw roll under the heaviest piece of furniture again. The MagnoGrip keeps everything within arm’s length (Amazon, $20).


Portable power station

Portable Power station

With this sucker, he’ll never stop mid-project due to dead batteries again (Lowes, $110).


Rechargeable light-up wrenches

Rechargable light-up wrenches

detachable light

Nothing is more annoying than trying to use a wrench in the dark under a sink. We found a set of wrenches that have a built-in light (Hammacher Schlemmer, $130). Or buy a detachable light to add onto whatever tool they’re using (Think Geek, starting at $6).


Paint-can lid, mixer and pour spout, all in one

Paint can lid, mixer and pour-spout-in-one

The Mixing Mate not only promises ease but also cleanliness. No more figuring out where to set the lid or the paint stick they just used for stirring. Best of all, no more wasting paint when it drips down the side of the can. Three cheers for easier project cleanup (Rockler, $15).


A practically indestructible job-site radio

 practically indestructible jobsite radio

Charge cellphones, the Nexus 7 and a cordless drill while still listening to tunes. And here’s the best part: Not even a fall off the roof will kill this baby (Lowes, $139).


Cool lights

The Defiant Armor Tactical flashlight

The Makita flashlight

Put some light on the subject! The Defiant ArmorMax 3D Tactical Flashlight (Home Depot, $30) not only has a cool name, but it’s perfect to wield while crawling in attics and climbing on roofs. The Makita flashlight (Home Depot, $50) is spectacularly bright, and its handy-dandy hook is perfect for hanging from the hood of cars or from tool hooks in the garage so that it can shed more concentrated light on an intricate project.


A luxury creeper

A luxury creeper

Keep your car guy comfy when he’s doing ground-level maintenance by offering up this padded, rolling creeper for sliding under the car (Lowes, $70).


Semi-automatic 8-bit drill

Semi-automatic 8-bit drill

Make changing drill bits easier and cooler than ever with this tool. It holds eight bits at once and looks like a gun. It’s the epitome of manliness, right (Amazon, $50)?

Whether you go high-tech or high-comfort this season, all of these gifts will go a long way toward getting you in good with your handsome handyman.

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