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Out-of-the-ordinary tech-gadget gifts

Everyone loves showing off their latest gadgets, right? Our picks will leave friends and family jealous.

What do you buy for the person who has everything? You wow him or her with some cool, new technology, of course. Take a look at these bleeping and buzzing gadgets and find the one that best suits each loved one.

 SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger

The adventurer

Have an avid hiker, rock climber or mountain biker in the family? The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger is the perfect gift for him and a blessing to his worried family. It keeps track of a route for up to 24 hours, has an SOS button for sending coordinates to emergency services and comes with a check-in feature so your adventurer can let his family know he’s alive (SPOT, $120).


The late sleeper

ALARMclock wakes its owner with cruel facts — how much money she has, her approximate life expectancy and how many people would notice her death. If that doesn’t encourage someone to get out of bed and hit the pavement, what will? It’s been successfully funded on Kickstarter, so show your loved ones this awesome video to tide them over until ALARMclock ships in January (Kickstarter, $80).

ENERGI+ Backpack

The (wo)man on the move

If you have a loved one who spends his workdays crisscrossing downtown or campus, the ENERGI+ Backpack is the way to go. The ENERGI+ contains a lithium-ion battery capable of charging up to three cellphones (or two cellphones and one tablet) at the same time. That makes you everyone’s (battery) lifesaver (TYLT, $200).


The fitness buff

If you’re a slave to the treadmill, you may want to add the iriverOn to your Christmas list. The iriverOn is a wearable MP3 player that synchs to your iOS or Android devices to download music and upload workout stats like calories burned, distance traveled, average speed and heart rate (iriver, $200).

pocket projector for iPhones

The over-sharer

This pocket projector for iPhones takes your BFF’s vacation photo sharing to a new level of fun and saves your eyes. The best part: You won’t need to listen to whining when the next iPhone still doesn’t have a built-in projector (Brookstone, $230).

MP3 showerhead

The music lover

Sure, they could just as easily buy one of those waterproof MP3 players or set up a docking station on their counter. But why? A nifty music-playing showerhead will make them feel extravagant and elite. Bonus: Preload it with dirty songs (Amazon, $200).

TARDIS thumb drive

The nerd

We’ve seen these geeky-cool flash drives a lot lately. They expand on the concept of taking something everyone needs and personalizing it. However, at $30 a pop, most people won’t want to buy them for themselves. That’s where you come in (ThinkGeek, $30).

Air Swimmers

The kiddos

Air Swimmers are perfect gifts for quieting down your ragamuffins. They’re just helium balloons with remote controls hooked to their fins and tails, making them drivable mini-blimps for kids. We like the Nemo-like clown fish best, but there is also a shark (Toys R Us, $50).

Now if there were only a gadget to magically wipe away the holiday expenses!

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