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4 Best weekend bags

Fall road-trip season is here! And we’ve got the lowdown on the best bags for a weekend getaway.


The Reverse Denim Weekender, Everlane

The Reverse Denim Weekender, Everlane

Described as “the perfect travel bag” from possibly the perfect fashion company, California-based Everlane prides itself on quality products at fair prices. Its goal is transparency, ensuring that customers know the true cost of making a product, then revealing the item’s markup price front and center on its website. This summer, Everlane introduced a new fabric for its popular Weekender bag, reverse denim. Just as it sounds, the Reverse Denim Weekender is a fusion of reversed denim and water-resistant khaki twill and features 100 percent leather straps and detailing. It’s roomy, comfortable to carry and most importantly, is guaranteed to fit inside any overhead compartment. Not that you would even dream of checking a bag! If you’d rather have something a bit more lush for fall and winter, the Weekender is also available in suede. (, $95; suede, $180)


Raleigh Weekender – Deux Lux

Raleigh Weekender - Deux Lux

Whoever said that luggage should only come in black, brown and blue, lied. Stand out from the weekend-travel crowd with the brightly colored Deux Lux Raleigh Weekender bag. The truly adventurous can opt for the tangerine color shown in the photo above (which, as the website states, is brighter than it appears in the photo) or instead try the more subdued jade, pink or navy color combos. We personally love the jade option, which gives off a nautical vibe with just the right pop of color. The sturdy but fashionable bag is made of a nylon twill and features wheels and a retractable handle for easy transport. (, $185)


Black Leather Weekender – Mally Leather Bags

Black Leather Weekender - Mally Leather Bags

Biker chicks, rejoice! Sometimes nothing is better than good old-fashioned black leather. Super fashionable and soft as butter, the Black Leather Weekender from Mally Leather Bags is the perfect bag for a quick getaway that still looks chic and timeless with any outfit. Handcrafted in South Africa, the Mally Weekender is made from full-grain leather, has inner and outer pockets and comes with a removable and adjustable leather strap. If black isn’t your color, opt for chocolate brown with the super-cute striped inside fabric. As if the sight of this gorgeous bag isn’t reason enough to buy it, Mally also offers employment to underprivileged women and donates extra material to charities such as the Tutu HIV Centre. For international shipping capabilities, contact Mally Leather Bags. (, $230)


Abingdon Weekender – J. CREW

Abingdon Weekender - J. CREW

Does one ever really go wrong with J. Crew? This brand is synonymous with high style and high quality, so it’s no surprise that one of its items would make our list. OK, so we know this is technically a men’s bag, but who says that ladies can’t go on a rough and adventurous weekend trip? Perfect for the wanderer in all of us, the Abingdon Weekender focuses on timeless fabrics and built-to-last construction. Inspired by vintage hunting gear, this bag will only look better the more times it’s thrown in a trunk or down a baggage carousel. We like the smart look of the deep-olive bag, but the Abingdon Weekender is also available in deep navy and khaki. (, $198)

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