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Find the perfect pair of combat boots for your style

Combat boots can be tricky to wear, especially when there are so many styles available. How’s a girl supposed to know which pair will be the best complement to her wardrobe? Don’t worry: We’ve found the best combat boots for you, specifically for your style!


Feminine boots -- (, $42)

(, $42)

Feminine boots -- (Delia's, $45)

(Delia’s, $45)

For those of us with a girly style, combat boots seem like something that would never enter our wardrobe because of their masculine nature. (Personally, I kind of rolled over and died when I first saw them.) But then I stumbled upon these feminine combat boots. The Bamboo Fighter-16 Quilted Military Lace Up Boot (left) and the Amber Boot (similar to boots on right) are the furthest things from manly. The light color makes them look less masculine, and the quilted panels and floral details add subtle girly touches.


Hip boots -- (Steve Madden, $89)

(Steve Madden, $89)

Hip boots -- (Nordstrom, $149)

(Nordstrom, $149)

Combat boots are not exactly breaking news to those who are constantly following the latest fashion trends. But now that this signature accessory is available almost everywhere, how can you make yourself stand out? The Soluri boot and Adam Tucker Me Too “Liv” Military Boot are the perfect additions to your combat foot family. The Soluri (left) is an updated version of the classic silhouette that will surely leave all your friends asking where you got them, similarly to how the toe is a darker on the Me Too “Liv” Boot.


Classic boots -- (Urban Outfitters, $79)

(Urban Outfitters, $79)

Classic boots -- (Macy's, $48)

(Macy’s, $48)

These two boots are for those who aren’t really opposed to combat boots, but don’t exactly have them as a wardrobe staple. The Wanted Jones Lace-Up Mid-Rise Boot (left) and XOXO Mani Combat Boots (right) have just enough flair, while sticking to the standard combat boot silhouette.


Edgy boots -- (NastyGal, $260)

(Nasty Gal, $260)

Edgy boots -- (Urban Outfitters, $190)

(Urban Outfitters, $190)

If you like a little extra edge in your look, these combat books are ideal for you. The Jeffrey Campbell Damian Boot (left) is covered in buckles and spikes to surely shock any bystander. The Circus By Sam Edelman Ginny Lace-Up Boot ( right) goes all the way up to the knee, whereas your standard combat boot only rises to mid-calf.

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