Outfit inspiration: 2 Ways to style a striped sweater

Ditch the boring jeans and sweater combo and try something new and stylish. Here are two ways you can rock a basic black and white striped sweater.

Fashion face-off: Two ways to style a striped sweater


Feelin’ edgy

Edgy look with white and black top

To keep up with this cool weather, we paired this black and white striped sweater (Kohl’s, $32) with a pair of black leather leggings and a cute hat. Finish off your outfit with a pair of black combat boots to give this sweet sweater a head-to-toe edgy look.

This outfit is perfect for both a casual day and going out at night. Leather is in this season so wearing leather leggings with a sweater will be sure to grab everyone’s attention. Add some gold jewelry for that extra touch and you are ready to rock this outfit.


Sweet and girly

Sweet and girly look with black and white top

Once the weather starts to warm up again, you can still put your sweaters to good use. We paired the black and white knit sweater with high-waisted jean shorts and a turban headband. You can finish off with a pair of black booties or a pair of sandals which would give you a sweet and girly look. To complete this look, feel free to add a necklace with color to give your outfit a little pop! This outfit is perfect for a casual day outing.

By Cecilia Macris & Nicole Factor

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