11 Places to Hang Stockings When You Don’t Have a Fireplace

If you think the best part of the holidays is opening presents, then you probably love stockings. Every family has a different stocking tradition. Some people get fruit, others get ChapStick, others get super-fancy expensive gifts that just happen to be pint-size. Whatever your stocking tradition, what is true for everyone is that you need a sturdy place to hold them.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a fireplace and mantel to hang their holiday stockings from, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a super-cute stocking display. Whether you’re renting or a homeowner, want to add a year-round structure to the house that’s fit for stockings or just want a temporary hangout, we went to the source of all inspiration: Pinterest.

It turns out mantels are yesterday’s news. Pinterest has tons of ideas for what to do with your stockings. So whether you decide to hang them from vintage skis, gorgeous garland or a rustic ladder, know that the rest of us fireplace-challenged dwellers will be right alongside you. Right after we finish untangling the twinkly lights.

1. From vintage skis

2. From a fastened curtain rod

3. From a dainty string

4. From a solid shelf

5. From the stair bannister

6. From the knobs of rustic drawers

7. From a mounted branch

8. From a sturdy bed frame

9. From a wooden ladder

10. By a drawn-on chalk mantel

11. From your own DIY hanger

A version of this article was originally published in December 2016.


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