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Sparkle-fest: 19 Crafts you can bedazzle with glitter

Every lady needs a little bit of glitz and glamor in her life. Turn up the shine this year with these 19 fun glitter-filled crafts!


Upcycled glitter vase

Upcycled glitter vase

Image source: A Bubbly Life

Create your own pretty vases with soup cans! “Glammed” up with the use of Mod Podge and glitter, these vases are shiny and inexpensive.


Glitter pine cones

Glittered pine cones

Image source: Hobbies on a Budget

The holidays just aren’t complete without a little bit of sparkle and shine. Another inexpensive craft, these pine cones are simply made with various colors of glitter.


Gold and glitter-dipped feathers

Gold and glitter dipped feathers

Image source: Copenhaven

Hipster and indie chicks will love hanging these glittered feathers in their homes and hair. Simply dip in gold paint and follow up with glitter for this gorgeous look!


Glitter mouse pad

Glittered mouse pad

Image source: The Everygirl

Every girl needs a glittered-up mouse pad. Create your own with the use of a cork board, Mod Podge and a ton of gold glitter!


Glitter tote

Glitter tote

Image source: Lauren Conrad

An accessory isn’t the right accessory unless it’s sprinkled with glitter! Create your own using… You guessed it, glue and glitter!


Glitter-dipped Mason jar

Glitter dipped mason jar

Image source: A Bit of Bees Knees

Another glue-and-glittered creation, this trendy Mason jar is great for parties or sprucing up your decor.


Glitter jars

Glittered jars

Image source: I am Style-ish

A different take on the glittered jar, these upcycled beauties are decked to the nines by adding the glitter to the inside of the jars for a polished look.


Glitter clutch

Glitter clutch

Image source: I am Style-ish

Turn an old clutch new again with the use of a little Mod Podge and your favorite fine glitter! A craft that takes a bit of patience, this is one clutch you’ll have to work for.


Glitter utensils

Glittered utensils

Image source: Franlein Klein

Add instant flavor to your next party by decking out your utensils with glitter. Using a bit of glue and glitter, these are sure to be a smash at this year’s celebration!


Glitter Christmas tree

Glitter Christmas tree

Image source: Julie Ann Art

Grab a couple of cardboard or Styrofoam cones and some glittered ribbon to replicate these glittered Christmas trees. Made with a few different styles of ribbon, these will brighten up your holiday decor.


Glitter ornaments

Glitter ornaments

Image source: Henry Happened

Another fresh take on seasonal decor, these ornaments can easily fit with your Christmas tree decorations by adding like-colored glitter and flair.


Glitter letters

Glittered letters

Image source: For Chic Sake

Pretty up your bedroom by monogramming it with glittered letters. Crafted with glittered sparkle paper, these are an easy way to bring in some glitz and glamor into your space.


Glitter collar

Glittered collar

Image source: Henry Happened

Don’t buy a new shirt for a party when you can fancy up one that you already own. Take a plain black tee and add instant charm with this DIY glittered collar.


Glitter tee

Glittered tee

Image source: The Pleated Poppy

Another T-shirt design, this creation is made using a DIY template and glittered fabric paint.


Glitter flats

Glitter flats

Image source: We Are Not Martha

From clothing to shoes, you can have it all when it comes to glitter! A craft that takes a lot of patience, you can DIY your own shoes with a plain pair of flats, Mod Podge, clear glaze and your favorite glitter.


Glitter travel mug

Glitter travel mug

Image source: Olive & Ivy

One of the few crafts not made with Mod Podge, this crafty glitter mug was created with spray adhesive and a removable tumbler.


Glitter jewelry dish

Glittered jewelry dish

Image source: A Beautiful Mess

Give your jewelry and trinkets something pretty to lie on with this glittered jewelry dish. Fashioned out of school glue, glitter and triple-thick glaze, this is a great gift idea as well!


Glitter tape

Glitter tape

Image source: Pugly Pixel

Every DIYer and crafter needs her own glitter tape! Don’t buy when you can DIY following this simple tutorial.


Glitter state art

Glitter state art

Image source: Two Twenty One

Construct a glitzy homage to your home with this glittered-state art idea. A fun DIY, this would make a great accent to your decor or as a glamorous gift to a friend.

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