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10 Creative ways to give a gift card

Gift cards are the ultimate holiday gifts for teachers, babysitters, friends and family. Make your little package extra special with creative wrapping.


Gift card box


Embroidered felt wrap

Embroidered felt wrap

Photo credit: NoBiggie

Personalize your gift card by wrapping with felt and adding a stitched initial and a ribbon closure.

Get instructions here >>


Eat, watch, enjoy

Eat, watch, enjoy

Inside the felt sleeve (seen above) is a foldout card with three individual gift cards in separate mini kraft envelopes. Each envelope has a teaser clue hinting at what’s inside: “Eat, watch, enjoy.”

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A polished package

Photo credit: Jac o’ lyn Murphy

A gift card for a manicure or pedicure looks perfectly polished when presented on a bed of cotton balls with an accompanying bottle of nail polish.


Have a ball

Golf balls and a gift card

Photo credit: Jac o’ lyn Murphy

This Sports Authority gift card was boxed up with a bunch of foil-wrapped chocolate baseballs and golf balls. Find these plus chocolate tennis balls and soccer balls at the online Bulk Candy Store.


Shop till you drop

Clare Vivier leather card case

Photo credit: Neiman Marcus

A high-end gift card deserves classy packaging to match. Make a stylish statement by presenting your gift card in this Clare Vivier leather card case (Neiman Marcus, $50).


Sip in style

Starbucks gift card idea

Photo credit: Hi Sugarplum!

During the holidays, a whole lot of Starbucks gift cards are changing hands. (They’re our go-to gifts for the kids’ teachers.) When you buy yours, ask for a few clean cups and coffee sleeves to wrap them up in.

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Best buds

itunes gift card with earbuds

Photo credit: Jac o’ lyn Murphy

Instead of ribbon, wrap up an iTunes gift card with the cord of a brand-new set of earbuds. A clever card completes the package.

Get instructions here >>


It’s in the bag

itunes mini tote bag

Photo credit: Jac o’ lyn Murphy

Use a tiny tote to deliver an iTunes gift card to the lucky recipient. We love the tag’s message: “A little something to carry an iTune!”

Get instructions here >>


Let the music play

boom box itunes gift card

Photo credit: Jac o’ lyn Murphy

You never know what little treasures you’re going to find in the Target dollar section. That’s where creative blogger Alexis from Jac o’ lyn Murphy found this mini boom-box eraser — which is perfect for tying onto her wrapped iTunes gift card.

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Quick tip

According to (an online marketplace for buying and selling gift cards), the most in-demand gift cards come from Walmart, Target and

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